Rapid Switch System™ Tie Downs

Introducing the “Patent Pending” Rapid Switch System Tie Down

Designed to give you total flexibility when it comes to securing all your cargo needs. The Universal Tie Down provides secure attachment points whether hauling heavy loads or weekend toys. There when you need them and simply removed when you don’t.

Close up of the tie down system installed on a trailer

Utilizing the “patent pending” Rapid Switch System, the flush mount receiver is installed in your chosen location to enable the Tie Down accessory to be positioned where needed.

Installation is simple as 1 2 3. 1. Drill the installation hole. 2. Thru bolt receiver in place using the supplied backing plate and hardware. 3. Lock in accessory tie down.

Installing the Rapid Switch System tie downs in a trailer bed.

Side shot of a furniture securely tied down to a trailer.

The more RSS receivers installed the greater your load carrying flexibility. Adding multiple flush mount receivers increases your cargo type, size and position options.

The RSS Tie Downs can be repositioned or simply removed when not in use to leave a snag free surface. So no more trip hazards or trying to work around an obstacle.

A trailer with the Rapid Swith Systems tie downs removed and someone loading a quad on a dolly.

  • Flush mount receiver
  • Mount easily in any position
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Clean and simple installation
  • Rotates 360° for any chosen load angle
  • Secure any sized cargo
  • Easily remove for level snag free surface
  • WLL 3000lb