Rapid Switch Systems Storage Solutions

You love your Rapid Switch System for your truck and trailer. Now that convenience and flexibility can continue into your garage and home with our wall mount technology. Introducing the “patent pending” Rapid Switch System home and garage storage solutions.

Once these wall mounts are up, the possibilities for storage are endless. Our modular storage technology allows you to configure your home or garage for storage however you want.

Features of Our Garage and Home Storage Systems


With the pin and receiver system, you can use all your favorite RSS accessories.

The grooved top and bottom unlock more options for home and garage hanging storage options.



They can even be mounted on the ceiling for a convenient, out-of-the-way garage ceiling storage solution.
In fact, our home storage system can be installed almost anywhere.

Whether you need bike storage, garage shelving, kayak storage, or somewhere to stow your golf clubs – RSS technology can help.


  • Compatible with RSS accessories
  • Compatible with your active lifestyle
  • Ceiling or wall mount options
  • Simple installation
  • Easy-to-use pin and receiver system
  • Impressive weight limit
  • Modular for many uses
  • Expands usable storage space

Coming Late Summer