Rapid Switch System™ Shade

Introducing the “Patent Pending” Rapid Switch System™ Shade, designed to meet the needs of all boaters who are keen to have sun shade protection for their family and fellow anglers. This simple solution now will allow you to have extended time on the water without sacrificing the perfect day using a cumbersome Bimini top, shade limiting umbrella or permanent mounted shade structure that when not in use simply gets in the way.

Close up of the rapid switch system sun shade.

Utilizing the “Patent Pending” Rapid Switch System™, the shade installs into dedicated flush mount receivers so your deck and surfaces remain free and clear with no annoying toe stubbing hardware.

The “Patent Pending” Rapid Switch System™ pin is used to locate and position the Carbon Fiber poles which flex under tension to draw the shade tight.

Multiple carbon fiber poles used for the Rapid Switch Systems sunshade system.
A rear view of the Rapid Switch Systems sun shade installed on a boat.

The telescopic shade poles, as well as making the system easy to stow, allows you to not only adjust the overall height, but tilt the entire shade against the early morning and late afternoon sun.

The shade’s fabric is Soltis Horizon 86 which, unlike a solid canvas, is a vinyl-coated polyester open mesh that blocks the sun’s harmful rays and heat while maintaining air flow to stop humid trapped air. It is extremely durable and is mildew repellent.

Detail shot of the Rapid Switch Systems sunshade mechanism.
  • Clean & simple installation
  • Removable & easily stows away
  • Dedicated flush mount receivers
  • Carbon Fiber tensioning poles
  • Adjustable height with telescopic poles
  • Fully tilts for maximum shade
  • Superior shade material